Monday, November 22, 2010

Man of the Times, Scott Gursky Edition

We did some recording last week with our friend Scott. You most likely know him as the drummer of one of our favorite bands, the Obits. We ran through about four songs, the arrangements, playing, and recording fidelity could be kindly described as loose, but we had a lot of fun with them which I think comes across in these recordings.

Vocals are kind of inaudible, but thats all you can hear in previous recordings. Been a while since we shut the fuck up and played fast.

If you have a minute, click on the song title in the tags below this post, it will produce a record of all the versions of the song to date. Gives an idea of the evolution of the song, with this one in particular, it definitely took an unforeseen positive turn this last Friday.

Happy guajolote to everyone, we'll have more for you next monday.

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