Monday, October 25, 2010

Man of the Times

This is another demo we had previously posted here without drums that we recorded with Nick a few weeks back. As with the others, everything you hear is live except for the lead guitar track which we overdubbed later.

This will be the last of these recordings that we're going to post here. Beginning next week and up until we go back in to record with a drummer again, we'll be posting new demos, mostly without any kind of percussion.

We've reached the point where we would like to bring a drummer in, and a second guitar. If you've been paying attention to what we've been doing lately, please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested. We've been operating in a somewhat unorthodox fashion by the 2010 band standard, so we're very flexible as far as what we're specifically looking for commitment wise.

If you are not interested, maybe someone you know is. Keep us in mind, and don't be shy, the more good people contributing the better this gets.

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