Monday, August 30, 2010

Song a week

As we mentioned a few months back, we have parted ways with the drummer who had worked with us on all of our material to date. I think the typical band response is to try and find someone who can play the material thats been written in a similar vein, hope this person can contribute to new material in the same way the last one did, and do so as quickly as possible.

Approaching music as a conventional band, write some songs, practice them, record them, play live, hope people like it, had worn the three of us numb. A new direction was needed.

Also mentioned recently, we've been writing with the intent of putting together a full length record, and we're doing so in a rather unorthodox fashion for the times. The results so far have been encouraging, to the point that these loose plans are beginning to solidify.

Our good friend Nick Stumpf is going to play drums on our recordings, which will begin with a full instrument demo to be recorded on Sept. 29th. There will be two more of these between then and when we go to the studio in the springtime.

I've been uncomfortable with the internet for some time now, particularly with blogs as an unbiased source for information and/or a barometer for culture. It wasn't until I began writing on a daily basis, built up a catalog of creative work that no one had seen, and looked back on this material as it developed that I began seeing things that went deeper than the songs. Constant documentation, good, bad, and everything in between has a way of communicating something beyond the creators control/intention.

So with all that said, we are going to begin regularly posting material starting this week. The idea being that in the process of documenting our pursuit of perfecting song writing as opposed to perfecting the art of being in a band, something meaningful beyond the songs falls into your lap.

Give us five minutes a week, and you will see this record grow from the ground up.

We're titling this song "Leave em Behind" right now. No drums, and there won't be any on any tracks we post here until after the 29th.

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